Welcome to Power and Influence Online's Influence Effectiveness Self-Assessment.  This instrument measures how effectively you use the ten most common techniques people use to influence others--from offering logical reasons for a proposal to shaking hands on an agreement among friends, and from appealing to people's beliefs and emotions to citing rules or regulations as the basis for a request.  The ten positive influence techniques measured in this assessment are described in this website and are explained more fully in Elements of Influence and its companion book The Elements of Power.  You may also be interested in the Power Sources Self-Assessment offered on this website or in the comprehensive Power and Influence Assessment, which includes an in-depth feedback report and tailored recommendations for improving your ability to lead and influence others.

Before responding to the statements in this survey, you will be asked to provide some demographic information about yourself.  This information is for research purposes only and is not used in any other manner.  Please help us develop a better understanding of how people influence one another by responding to these questions.  This self-assessment is brief and should take no more than ten minutes to complete.